What size jobs do you accept? Patterson Record Storage has the ability to service many different sized jobs, ranging from customers with a few files to customers with tens of thousands of storage boxes.

What type of material do you shred?  Our destruction technology gives us the ability to destroy materials such as paper, cardboard, CD’s, Videotapes and DVD’s and it is not necessary to remove paperclips or staples.

Do shredding files need to be sorted?  No.  You can put any of the approved items in our secure shredding containers without removing paper clips or staples.

What happens if our shredding bin fills up before the regularly scheduled service?  If you let us know, we will be glad to schedule an additional pick-up to empty your shredding bin.  We will track how full your shredding bins are during pick-ups and make recommendations as to the frequency that services need to occur.

Do you also shred residential documents?  Yes, Patterson Record Storage does not limit its services to just businesses.  We destroy sensitive items in a confidential manner so you do not need to worry about them.  We have the ability to shred a single piece of paper for an individual or thousands of boxes for a large customer.

What happens to the paper after it has been shredded?  All shredded materials are bundled and recycled.  We recycle to help reduce waste in landfills, save resources, and ensure a better future for all.

What types of security measures do you have?  Our record storage and shredding facilities have 24/7 monitored building alarms, yard alarms and security cameras.  Our storage and shredding areas are only accessible to authorized personnel.  Our vehicles are also complete with GPS systems and vehicle alarms and our employees are all background checked, drug screened, fingerprinted and regularly trained.

Can documents be dropped off at your facility for shredding? Yes, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Can my CDs, credit cards, dvds, and paper be in the same container? No, the paper must be separated from other items wanting to be destroyed.

Can I watch my documents being shredded ? No, our facility is 100% secure and only authorized personnel are able to enter the warehouse due to the sensitive nature of the records we store.

Do the items being dropped off for shredding have to be in boxes? No, as long as the documents are contained and not loose.