Record Management & Storage: 

We offer on demand drop-off and pick-up services, pre-planned services, regularly scheduled services, and individually tailored plans that fit your needs. These record storage services are an ideal solution for any business, organization or office that needs to store, protect and manage records. >>

Private Viewing Rooms: 

All customers have access to on-site private viewing rooms so that you can manage your records in a secure and confidential environment with no interruptions. Simply request your records in advance and they will be placed in a secure, locked location until you arrive. A copier is available for your convenience. Once you have completed your work, we will return your records back to their permanent location. >>


Records that have reached their pre-determined retention date are considered out-of-date. For those records that do not need archiving, we offer purging services to remove old and unneeded records. Purging is the process of permanently destroying records. >>

Secure Shredding: 

We serve Commercial and Residential clients of all sizes and offer the most affordable shredding prices in the area.  Our services are most popular with businesses who have old records taking up valuable office space and to individuals who have old records containing sensitive information. We have the ability to complete jobs of all sizes and will work with our clients to satisfy their specific needs. >>