Paper Shredding

The need for shredding services for businesses and individuals arises for a variety of reasons.  When the need exists, Patterson Record Storage is available to destroy all of your records that need to be securely disposed of and your documents remain secure throughout the entire destruction process.  Our Fayetteville-based document shredding plant is equipped with industry leading shred technology that allows us to shred over 8,000 lbs of documents per hour.  This allows us to handle your bulk shredding needs or any size with ease and efficiency.  

Our destruction services include:

  • Pickup of material from your location
  • Destruction of material through our shredding process
  • Recycling of all shredded material
  • Certificate of Destruction provided
  • Specialized Destruction

Destruction of your hard drives and media is the only way to ensure that your data is protected.  Many consumers believe that simply erasing data from these devices offers complete protection.  However, that is not always the case.  

Our process of destruction ensures your data is never compromised and a Certificate of Destruction will be provided as a record that your items were destroyed.